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While dental crowns are standard options for replacing the tooth enamel layer and restoring a damaged tooth, they can provide several different applications that benefit your smile in many ways. Our dentist and team are pleased to offer custom-made dental crowns as a versatile option for restorative dentistry.

One of the most common uses of dental crowns is to restore teeth that suffered large cavities and have been deeply affected by tooth decay. However, a dental crown can also treat shallow cracks, chips, and fractures that could otherwise lead to tooth decay in the enamel layer. A beautiful porcelain crown can also be used to beautify an unattractive tooth.

Our dentist will recommend dental crown material based on your tooth’s prevalence and primary function in your mouth. For example, gold alloys and base metals, which are very durable, are typically ideal for restoring molars, but porcelain material may be more appropriate if the tooth is highly visible in your smile because it can be blended into the natural color.

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