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Does one of your teeth have a cavity? A dental filling in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, may be just what you need. Dr. Cho, Dr. Hayat, and Dr. Reisner will remove the tooth decay and fill the area with the dental filling material. This can restore the strength and function of the tooth. Dental filling material can also be used to repair a tooth that is cracked or chipped.

How is a dental filling placed?
Our dentists will numb the area and then remove the decayed part of the tooth. After probing the area to ensure that all of the decay has been removed, the area is cleaned of bacteria and debris. The composite dental filling is then placed in layers. As each layer is placed, it is cured with a special light. Once the layers are in place, our dentists will shape the material, trim off any excess, and polish the final dental filling.

Does dental insurance cover composite fillings?
Most dental insurances cover the price of a composite dental filling up to the cost of a silver filling. The patient may then have to pay the rest.

What are the benefits of composite dental fillings?
Composite dental fillings have many advantages to you and your smile. The shade of the filling material can be matched to that of your natural teeth. Because of this, they are very aesthetic. Composite fillings bond to the structure of your tooth, which provides greater support for the filling.

How do I care for my dental filling?
To care for your dental filling, practice proper oral hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. Also, be sure to visit our dentists regularly for your dental cleanings and exams. If our dentists think that your filling may be cracked or damaged, they will take X-rays to get a closer look. If the tooth with a filling becomes sensitive, if you notice a crack in the filling, if a piece of the filling is missing, or if you notice a sharp edge, contact Alpha Dental Spa for an appointment.

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