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Are you ready to create your healthiest smile? If so, our dentist, Dr. David Cho is happy to help. Our dental office supports the advice of the American Dental Association, which promotes bi-annual dental checkups to ensure top-notch oral health.

So how do we help you with your smile success? Let’s take a closer look:

-Dental Plaque: While your brushing and flossing efforts remove harmful plaque, you may still miss a few areas of the mouth. As this dental plaque builds up and hardens, turning into tartar, it requires dental tools to remove.

-Gum Disease: Oral plaque doesn’t just harm your teeth, but your gums as well. Plaque erodes the gum tissue and as it hardens, it leads to infection in the gums called gingivitis (infection in the gum) along the gumline. This can cause your gums to recede. As the gum tissues continue breaking down, you can end up with swelling, bleeding or sore gums, leading to tooth and bone loss.

-Cavity Detection: If tartar isn’t removed regularly, it will erode tooth enamel and allow holes to be created. You may not even notice a cavity until the tooth begins to ache from the decay. By performing a thorough examination of your oral cavity and the use of dental x-rays, we can detect cavities in your smile in the infancy, when they are most easily treated.

-Dental X-rays: X-rays of your teeth and jawbone allow us to spot problems beneath the surface. We can see impacted teeth, bone decay, jawbone damage, tumors, cysts, or swelling with the help of dental x-rays.

-Poor Oral Habits: Poor oral habits can, unfortunately, wreak havoc on your smile. If your dentist finds any of the following damage resulting from these habits, you may receive treatment advice. Poor oral habits include:

–Nail biting.
–Clenching of the jaw.
–Tooth grinding.
–Damage from sticky or hard sweets.
–Excessive, harsh brushing of your teeth.
–Ice chewing.
–Tooth stains from tea, coffee or red wine.
–Chewing or smoking tobacco products.

-Oral Cancer Detection: You will receive a thorough check of your mouth, jaw, neck, and lymph nodes, and oral tissues. Our goal is to spot cancer early when treatment is most successful.

-Dental Cleanings: Your pearly whites will receive attention care. The teeth and gums will be cleaned, removing all traces of dental plaque and tartar. After that, your teeth will be polished and flossed. Should any issues be detected concerning your current oral hygiene, we will review with you brushing and flossing techniques to help you address those problem areas.

To create your healthiest smile, we invite you to schedule your next dental checkup. Call 856-829-1989 today and speak with a member of our staff about your concerns. Our Alpha Dental Spa team in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, is happy to help you with your smile needs!